Nordic Minimalist Regal Lion




Accents that Make You Feel Like Royalty!

The Nordic Minimalist Regal Lion is a gorgeous addition to your home decor. It can be displayed in the show cabinets or set on the foyer table. The accent’s clean finish and stark colors give it a regal look.

Nordic Minimalist Regal Lion

These accents are ideal for decorating homes, offices, and cafes. They are also great options for gifting purposes and can be used as a classy gift for weddings and housewarmings. This piece is a worthy investment.  


Minimalism emerged in New York in the 1960s, characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a literal, objective approach. The concept relies on the belief that instead of owning a lot, the focus should be shifted to owning necessary items and living a clutter-free life.  


Today, the idea of minimalism fits well into our lives, owing to the acceptance of sustainability, functionality, and ergonomics. The simple yet attractive look of minimalist decor like the Nordic Minimalist Regal Lion is what creates the appeal to include minimalism in one’s decor.





  • With simple fashion craft, hand painted
  • Made of advanced materials, prominent levels
  • It is nice to home office desk decoration Figurines craft
  • A great gift for Kids or Friends Birthday, Wedding, Christmas, etc
Package Contains 

 The package that the Artment sends with the Nordic Minimalist Regal Lion consists of the selected accent(s) wrapped in triple safety Bubble-wrap.

  • Looks great on shelves and table-tops.
  • Pair them with contrasting colors to enhance their look: Darker backgrounds like dark grey, cobalt blue, emerald green work really well with these accents.
  • These accents look brilliant with wood -especially with a walnut finish.
  • Style them with books and flower vases for your side tables or center table in your living room
  • They make a statement kept in your study or office 
  • Their contemporary style makes them a perfect match for modern furniture pieces and wall shelves to create a personal space to bring out your quirky side.


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