Gunyin Buddha Decor




Product Description

Buddha statues are a great way to decorate a room, and a beautifully crafted one can help to bring a calming and serene mood to a room. These unique Buddha statues are made from one of four different materials, and can be made as one of several different designs as well as with a variety of color combinations. These unique pieces also make unique gifts for those who love unique and unique pieces. These pieces are made from a mixture of sand and clay, and are entirely hand-made. These unique pieces can be treated with a patina to give a natural appearance.

  • Material: Purple sand pottery
  • Category: Buddha statue
  • Origin: Fujian
  • Type of material: pottery
  • Suitable for gift-giving occasions: daily gift-giving
  • Dimensions: single wisdom Guanyin color sand pottery, single wisdom Guanyin kiln red, wisdom Guanyin color sand pottery and lamp half-circle, wisdom Guanyin kiln red-and-light half-circle
  • Styling: Guanyin
  • Style: New Chinese
  • Process: Pure manual
  • Pattern: A statue of a person
  • Material: Purple sand pottery



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